New promotion of the Gravity collection

New promotion of the Gravity collection
At Bergner Group we use different types of sales typologies depending on the collection, the supermarket and the location with the intention of increasing the shopping experience and satisfying the needs of our customers.
This is the case with JUMPY collection of Bergner Brand. From pans to coffee makers, including pots, cutlery, spatulas, bottles, and containers: a wide variety of categories that require order. This is why, by putting this collection in Category  Experts, we satisfy the needs and requirements of our consumers by placing the right product in the right position, we cover both the essential and emotional needs and offer optimal solutions at the right time. In this way we generate value for suppliers, supermarket owners and our final customer.
Our multi-category experience leads us to adapt this channel to the JUMPY collection, rationalizing the inputs the customer receives (Price, Product, Promotion, Assortment, Location and Communication) to offer the right solution and satisfy their needs.