Show cooking with Carlos Leal for CIMACO in Mexico

Show cooking with Carlos Leal for CIMACO in Mexico

Last week we held a cooking show in Saltillo, Mexico, for our client CIMACO. This event served as a platform to showcase the high quality of our products, with the distinguished presence of chef Carlos Leal, who captivated the audience with his culinary expertise and style.

While attendees were treated to a sensory journey through the culinary delights prepared by the chef, the focus was also on the presentation of our Agros collection, further reaffirming its position as a hallmark of excellence in the culinary world.

However, beyond the gastronomic spectacle, the event served a dual purpose: to educate and inform. Our colleague, Hector Zambrano, played a pivotal role in this regard, offering valuable insights into technical subtleties, proper care techniques, successful implementation strategies and addressing any queries or concerns about Bergner products. Through their expertise and guidance, attendees gained a deeper understanding and appreciation for the craftsmanship and functionality inherent in our product offerings.

This collaborative effort not only strengthened our ties with CIMACO, but also underscored our unwavering commitment to providing exceptional culinary experiences and great customer service.