Cook & Chef institute

The Cook & Chef Institute is a Foundation comprised of figures from the world of international haute cuisine and BERGNER who have come together to share strategic thinking about cooking and technological innovation in kitchenware.

By combining the use of cutting-edge and innovating technology, uncompromised quality and functional design, BERGNER creates products to improve your experience at home. The BERGNER brand is synonymous to innovation, quality and value. Our goal is to achieve a synergic growth together with partners and clients worldwide, offering global solutions to retail.


Creativity, innovation & science in the kitchen

In order to contribute to reinforcing food safety guarantees for consumers and to improve information transparency, the Cook & Chef Institute selects and recommends products which have been subject to a prior full and comprehensive audit by a committee of chefs from the Institute.

The Cook & Chef Institute Foundation fosters research agreements and undertakes projects related to the use of new materials and coatings, as well as the usability and ergonomics of kitchenware products in the food, gastronomy and kitchen appliance sectors.