This cookie policy is provided to clearly and specifically inform you about the cookies used on the site (henceforth, "the website" or "the site").

What are cookies?

A Cookie is a file which is downloaded onto your computer when you access certain websites.

Amongst other matters, cookies allow a website to store and recover information about a user's browser habits or equipment and, depending on the information in them and the way in which you use your computer, may be used for user recognition.

Depending on the body which manages the domain from which the cookies come and processes the information obtained, there are two types: Local and third-party cookies.

There is a second classification depending on the amount of time they remain stored on the client's browser, which means they may be session or persistent cookies.

Lastly, there is another classification with five cookie types per the reason why the information attained is processed. technical, performance, customisation, analysis, advertising or behavioural advertising cookies.

For further information, see the Guide on Cookie Use from the Spanish Data Protection Agency:

What type of cookies does this website use?

This website uses local and third-party cookies, as detailed below.

Acceptance of the Cookie Policy

At the start of each session when you access the site, information about our Cookie Policy will be given to keep you fully informed and remind you of cookie use.

With this information, the following can be undertaken:

  • Accept the cookies. To accept uploading and/or reading of the Cookies. 
  • Reject the cookies. To do this, modify browser configuration.

How to block or delete cookies

You may allow, block or delete the cookies stored on your device using the options configuration in the browser on your computer. Each browser operates differently; the 'Help' function will show you what to do.

Moreover, browser cookie storage can also be managed using tools including: