Loyalty Experts


Our Loyalty Business Unit is managed by a team of professionals with over 20 years background in loyalty management, having successfully delivered over 1.000 campaigns worldwide.
Our 360º service covers from the design of the campaign, offering up to the date dynamics to match ends customers desires developing for strategies for any client in any channel. Our programmes are successfully changing end customer’s behaviour combining own brands and prestigious collaborating brands in a wide range of categories.

Communication is key, as a result we offer inbound communication strategy to support campaigns with both digital and non-digital tools (Websites, apps, store communications...). Moreover, we have the prescription of The Cook & Chef Institute Foundation supported by 85 Chefs, 10 sommeliers and 20 cooking institutions worldwide becoming the cutting-edge point of reference for quality.

Integrated warehousing and logistic services enable us to manage every client request with high efficiency, moreover Bergner Group loyalty experts use big data analytics technology to forecast improving global campaign’s efficiency and boosting profitability.

More than 20 years and more than 1000 projects manged successfully in more than 30 countries

Creating 360º innovative succesful loyalty and marketing programs for retailers worldwide