Logistic Services

Supply Chain Integration

Manage every clients request.

Provide a highly efficient 360º logistic platform.
Flexible logistics, from FOB to DDP, from single master box to full container.
Supply chain integration (Suppliers, customers & transport companies).
Customer service by country.


Because logistic services provide an indispensable link between Bergner Group and consumers, we strive to build a lasting relationship with our distributor customers based on trust and loyalty. We are a leading supplier to offer comprehensive solutions to meet the complex needs through the coordination of all processes and phases of logistics minimizing risks, costs and delivery times. Elements bring added value through personalized services that cater to their needs at all times. A team of highly specialized, skilled and continuously trained professionals from the sector, equipped with the most advanced control logistics technology tools.
Picking & Packing
Shipment tracing and tracking
Permanent Stock in warehouse