Mission and Values

Our dream is to increase our business and make our customers and employees happier day by day with our products and services.

Our mind is open to new ideas, new allies and new ways of work. We want to help our clients and making a better future.

We place customer at the very centre of our business model. We deliver products and 360º services that entail the best solution for families across the world. Our products and services foster healthy lifestyles and contribute towards sustainable awareness. We aim to be the best option of consumers delivering the best customer experience.

We are everywhere

Regions Channels Categories Brands

We work with a global mindset, we are accountable for all of the company’s challenges and results. Our goal is to become the leading homeware industry company as a result of our business model based on our Categories - Brands – Channels - Regions matrix and our professional, highly-skilled and motivated team.

We do it now

Proactivity / Innovation / Anticipation Reactiveness / Creativity / 360º Service

We want to understand what really matters, posing the right questions and listening to customers needs.

We move fast, very fast; we provide the best solution for today, striving for a perfect one tomorrow.

We adapt our processes and behaviours to market needs and trends.

We focus on people

Best place to work
Best 360º solutions
Best protection of the environment and humang rights
Social impact
Best projects to help
Best cooking and living experiences

Refining everyday life.