HR Policy

Today, at Bergner Group, comprised 185 direct employees and over 1.500 indirect jobs. Our employees work across the world. Our rich community boasts a range of expertise, professions and backgrounds.

Our Human Resources policy puts business and managerial skills development first as well as the consolidation of a shared corporate culture. It is based on our key values; ubiquity, agile and human.
At Bergner Group, we are convinced that boasting dedicated and committed professionals has a positive impact on our results. Therefore, our people management focuses on attracting, retaining, committing, and recognizing our employees, while offering them professional development opportunities, equal opportunities and work-life balance measures, among others.

Through professional development, employees take part in various tasks, projects, and environments, which enable them to acquire and develop the knowledge they need to help the company fulfil its objectives. To this end, Bergner Group offers clear professional objectives, as well as challenging projects and activities, at the same time that employees commit to their own development by exhibiting proactivity, interest, and effort.

Recruiting young talent also remains a priority for Bergner Group maintaining close: as such, we maintain relations with leading higher education institutions.



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