Polo Club Beverly Hills

The Beverly Hills Polo Club brand was established in 1982. Inspired by both the eleganceand glamour of Beverly Hills as well as the heritage sport of polo, the Brand captures theexcitement of this competitive sport along with membership in an exclusive social club.

Beverly Hills, California has a reputation for luxury and glamour that is unparalleledworldwide. Home to movie stars and millionaires, and set amidst tropical flora and perfectCalifornia weather, the city’s lifestyle represents the pinnacle of aspiration.

The sport of polo, considered the oldest team sport, has a history of play by nobilitythroughout the ages. It is referred to frequently as “the sport of Kings”.

Collections of fashion activewear and sportswear that featured our iconic trademarkhorse and rider logo were presented by leading department stores. The aspirationalelements of the Brand were quickly accepted by the American public and subsequentfashion collections were successfully received overseas.

Beverly Hills Polo club today has over 650 lifestyle stores, in addition to branded productswith distribution in over 70 countries.