Bergner Europe with Carrefour and FSC regenerate 6 hectares of forest in Checa (Guadalajara)

Bergner Europe with Carrefour and FSC regenerate 6 hectares of forest in Checa (Guadalajara)
This Thursday was presented in Checa the coordinated action between Carrefour, FSC and Bergner Europe, with the technical work of the regional government, which has allowed the recovery of an area of 5.92 hectares of this municipality, which was affected by a forest fire in 2012.

The action developed in this environment of the province of Guadalajara, with high ecological value, is included in the global initiative "Comprometidos con nuestros bosques". This intervention has been developed in the Alto Tajo Natural Park, within the Red Natura 2000 ZEC Alto Tajo, an area considered to be of high ecological value due to its large and extensive masses of pine forests, juniper and quercineas.

The initiative "Comprometidos con nuestros bosques" demonstrates the public-private commitment to the protection of forests as a source of resources and environmental services for society as a whole, together with their potential as an economic engine for rural development.

The day before, Alberto Forcano and Manuel Montañés, Chief Sales Officer (CSO) and Commercial Director Europe Bergner, respectively, were present at the meeting in which Elodie Perthuisot, CEO of Carrefour Spain, held with the 19 key suppliers who support and participate in the initiative "Comprometidos con nuestros bosques".

In Bergner we are committed to protecting the environment and prioritize the necessary actions to minimize the potential impacts of both our operations and the products we offer to our customers.