Bergner and REFORESTA sign a collaboration agreement

Bergner and REFORESTA sign a collaboration agreement

Reforesta joins the group of NGOs collaborating with Bergner Europe.

At Bergner Europe our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy is a basic part of our business model.

We have always believed that it is everyone's responsibility to contribute to a Society in harmony with our Environment. That is why we are constantly committed to supporting initiatives and taking part in social and environmental activities aligned with the framework of our  activity.

In this context, it is not surprising that Bergner has signed a new collaboration agreement with Reforesta, a Spanish non-profit association dedicated to the protection, recovery and  management of natural spaces, as well as plant  and animal species.

 Another focus is environmental education, conservation and reforestation. Another priority is climate change mitigation and adaptation to it .

The cooperation agreement between both companies is linked to the Root collections of  San Ignacio and Bergner brands . Thanks to Reforesta's native plant species planting program Bergner will collaborate on projects to avoid the degradation of natural spaces and forests. 

This collaboration agreement will make Bergner concentrate on the Sustainable Development Goals, more specifically to number 13, which contributes to Climate Action, and number 15, which is dedicated to the conservation of land ecosystems, prioritizing the recovery of vegetation and the fight against desertification.