Success of GASTRONOMIX, the International Congress of Healthy and Sustainable Gastronomy

Success of GASTRONOMIX, the International Congress of Healthy and Sustainable Gastronomy

Success of GASTRONOMIX, the International Congress of Healthy and Sustainable Gastronomy

For the seventh consecutive year, Zaragoza has hosted the  Congreso Gastronomía y Salud, GASTRONOMIX. The pairing of “gastronomy and health”, which finds an additional pillar in sustainability, continues to position itself as the great point of interest and debate both in the world of research and in the hospitality and agri-food industry.
Gastronomix was born of the desire to inspire a stronger, healthier and more committed socio-environmental awareness through the Cook & Chef Institute Foundation and the  "Academia Aragonesa de Gastronomía". Large corporations along with the world of research are committed to continuing technological advances to satisfy a public which is increasingly concerned about their nutritional well-being.

The Cook & Chef Institute Foundation's values focus on sustainable development that promotes agriculture, food security, nutrition, ethical production and biodiversity conservation. Its aim is to promote a diet based on commitment to and respect for the environment and people supported by the 4S's of gastronomy: Salutary, Solidarity, Sustainable and Satisfactory.

For her part, the director of the Cook & Chef Institute Foundation, Izar Villegas, stressed that the mission of this congress is “to promote food based on the environment, value and power of gastronomy”.

From electric fields applied to food to nutritional assessment of turkey and chicken protein versus other protein sources. Throughout the two days of the congress, a wide range of issues related to food, nutrition and even inclusive cooking were addressed along with a case study presented by chef Randy Siles, founder of a cooking school for young people at risk of social exclusion.



The Cook & Chef Foundation is made up of important figures from the world of international haute cuisine and young talents who share a vision of the world based on respect, ethics and expertise in signature cuisine, including the ambassador chefs who participated in the congress such as  Francesco D’Agostino (Germany), Roberto Sihuay (Peru), Ramsés González and Luis Carcas (Zaragoza), who were the protagonists of the first day with a round table on how catering can offer luxury on the menu while contributing to sustainability. After them, Randy Siles (Costa Rica) presented his inspirational session “Inclusion through cooking”




On the second day they participated in the round table “The Km0 Kitchen. Reality or utopia” with Randy Siles, David BoldovaJavi Carcas (Zaragoza) y Diogo Noronha (Portugal). and Diogo Noronha (Portugal). The last inspirational session, “The cooks who will save the world”, was given by  Carlos Leal (Mexico).



Among all the nutritionists, chefs, chemists and experts in the field present, quality Aragonese foods was represented by Carmen Urbano, general director of Agrifood Promotion and Innovation, and Gloria Pérez, general director of Tourism of the Government of Aragon with the presentation, “Origin, identity and sustainability”, an homage to the gastronomic heritage of Aragon and its foods with differentiated quality as key pillars of Aragonese gastronomy.

The congress was sponsored by the Government of Aragon (Aragón Alimentos Nobles and Turismo de Aragón), Bergner Europe and Masterpro. It also had the support of the Aragonese Radio and Television Corporation, the University of Zaragoza (Mixed Agri-Food Institute of Aragon), the San Jorge University, ADEA Marketing Club, the Mediterranean Diet Foundation, Vinos del Viento, SOMMOS (winery), Montal Alimentación and Barbacil Comunicación (which oversees the technical secretariat of the Congress).