Agros, sustainability and maximum performance in your kitchen

Agros, sustainability and maximum performance in your kitchen

The new Agros collection is designed for lovers of cooking.... and also of the environment

Being sustainable means using the resources we have within our reach efficiently, reusing them and giving them a new life in products that look after the environment. If you want to make your kitchen a more sustainable place and more committed to the planet, this is the collection for you. 
On its path towards innovation, the latest offering from San Ignacio brings us a new collection with a subtle design with simple and evocative lines. Following the trends inspired by nature, this leading kitchenware brand presents Agros, a new collection with a retro feel in a terracotta colour palette. 

The collection presents a comprehensive line which encompasses everything from cookware, frying pans and moulds, to kitchen utensils like knives or chopping boards and wooden kitchen utensils made from natural acacia wood, as well as ceramic accessories that add a distinguishing touch to the product design for those looking for more than functionality in their home.

But the new line from San Ignacio doesn’t just stand out for its design, it also stands out for its quality and respect for our surroundings: Free from PFOA and PFOS harmful substances, it is manufactured using high performance recycled aluminium to achieve a better retention and distribution of the heat, and is suitable for all types of cookers.

In addition, it features 30% more cooking surface thanks to its flat design, and the oven pieces are made in carbon steel with a Quantanium non-stick interior, which guarantees the maximum non-stick properties for easy and convenient cooking. 

An offering which adds personality, design and quality to the best kitchens, with a collection created using fine and recycled materials which boosts the circular economy and the brand's commitment to the environment. 
This collection, with a rural and delicate aesthetic, undoubtedly adds a calm vibe with the purest slow cooking style to the kitchen so you can enjoy a leisurely and unhurried way of cooking.