Our contribution to UN ́s Sustainable Development Goals

Bergner Group adheres to different socially responsible initiatives with the aim of implementing social responsibility in the company and communicating its progress annually, and in this way also attains the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Bergner Group is a member of AMFORI, the leading global business association for open and sustainable trade. Enhancing human prosperity, responsible use of natural resources and drives open trade globally.
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Federation of European manufacturers of Cookware and cutlery

It promotes co-operation between members, gives help and supports on economic and technical improvements, works to the definition of technical standards and officially represents the common interests of its members before the international authorities and particularly to the European Commission in Brussels.
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Women's Empowerment Principles (WEPS)

Bergner Group confirms its commitment to gender equality and adheres to women’s empowerment principles.
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Luxembourg Declaration

On workplace health promotion in EU.
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Diversity Charter

In Bergner Group we stand up for equality and the right to equal opportunities for each and everyone of our staff members.
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RSA Plan

At Bergner Group, our Corporate Social Responsibility policy contributes to the development of society and the Environment, in all initiatives aligned with our activity.
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Innovation Manifest

At Bergner Group we believe that it is our responsibility to contribute to the development of society and the Environment, through voluntary participation in initiatives that are aligned with our activity. That is why Bergner Group has adhered to the Manifesto for Innovation in Spain.
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Wine in Moderation Program

From Bergner Group we are committed to healthy living, social well-being and the reduction of alcohol consumption, these ideas were what prompted us to adhere to The Wine Moderartion.
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Membership CVOL

It is an innovative social network that was born with the aim of promoting, making visible and accrediting the solidarity action of thousands of people.
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Bergner Group is aware of the importance of contributing to this environmental protection process, which is why he has joined the environmental initiative #PorElClima, which aims to action against climate change in accordance with the guidelines set out in the Paris Agreement.
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Bergner Group collaborates with AECC through the "Solidarity in the Company" program of the Spanish association against cancer.
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