Bergner: A Brief History

Bergner: A Brief History
Founded in 1999 in Vienna, the history of this young company is one replete with success. The firm's first sales office was opened in Zaragoza in 2011. Just two years later, the team moved to much larger installations in the Malpica Industrial Estate, following Bergner acquiring equity in the Protenrop company. This saw a rapid expansion in the service model for kitchen products. It also successfully powered the business into complementary categories, such as bathroom organisation, laundry care, clotheslines and ironing. This acquisition rapidly positioned Bergner in new channels, such as the DIY, gardening and electronics department stores, providing the company with new contracts in other countries. The growth of the company was now unstoppable; that year there was a turnover of some 6 million Euros. In 2016 the offices in Zaragoza became the headquarters of the company for Europe, in charge of running everything about the company. With a turnover of some 60 million Euros, the company moved locations again in 2016 to its current location: Edificio de San Lamberto, Zaragoza (Spain).
This further change of location arose from the need to expand and modernise the workplace to cover the ever-expanding staff and, also, to have a suitable space devoted to the new Showroom, the company's largest in Europe.
What is more, as a result of a joint venture, the 5 warehouses pertaining to the company are now all managed from the same site, consequently facilitating distribution logistics for the whole of Europe.