BERGNER entries into the capital of iF Lastmile

BERGNER entries into the capital of iF Lastmile


BERGNER entries into the capital of iF Lastmile

We are pleased to share with you a communication from our Executive Chairman Janek Davitashvili and our CEO Alberto Forcano García:

"Dear colleagues and business partners:

Continuing with the BERGNER Group's determined commitment to accelerate our digital transformation by getting ever closer to the end consumer, I am pleased to announce the recent entry of BERGNER in the capital of iF lastmile, a state-of-the-art technology company, focused on providing advanced logistics solution to the urgency in the sustainability of returns, mainly in the world of fashion and accessories, with more than 100 brands already customers, as well as soon in household goods, mainly through D2C digital sales channels.

The transaction is part of the imminent capital increase in iF lastmile and has been led by one of the most prestigious Venture Capital funds with the best track record in the technology and digital ecosystem, with BERGNER contributing with its entry, not only its financial participation, but its role as a key industrial partner.

With this investment, we continue our digital investment path with commitments on disruptive companies, with brilliant entrepreneurial talent, socially responsible and with enormous future potential, which we started with EKILU a few months ago and in which we continue to explore opportunities to accelerate the generation of value in our Group and throughout the new BERGNER digital ecosystem.

Looking forward to keeping on growing together.

Yours sincerely.

Janek Davitashvili Executive Chairman BERGNER GROUP

Alberto Forcano CEO BERGNER Europe"

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