Be Bergner, the new ecommerce of The Bergner Group!

Be Bergner, the new ecommerce of The Bergner Group!

Welcome to the lifestyle revolution with BE BERGNER!

Discover a new era of home solutions with BE BERGNER, our new multi-brand ecommerce platform specializing in a wide range of home products.

From premium kitchenware and small appliances, such as modern air fryers, to stylish home textiles to dress and decorate bathrooms and bedrooms, BE BERGNER offers a complete selection to cater to every aspect of your living space. Like entering a universe where quality and style come together to transform your home.

Explore a carefully curated catalog with renowned brands such as MasterPRO, San Ignacio, Bergner, along with exclusively licensed products from fashion brands such as Scalpers Home or Casa Benetton. We want to be a leader in innovative, sustainable and stylish solutions for the home, enriching the lives of our consumers around the world. Our mission? “Refine everyday life” and improve it through products that enhance your well-being.

Imagine an easy shopping experience, quality we never compromise and a vision aligned with a greener future. That's BE BERGNER: ready to transform homes and lifestyles around the world.

Join us on this exciting journey by becoming part of the BE BERGNER CLUB, where, with a totally free and easy registration, you will get 10% off your first purchase, access to exclusive members-only flash offers, capsules from brands like Casa Samantha and valuable content from our top Chefs and partners around the world.

Join this revolution to make every day extraordinary!

Be Bergner. Refining everyday life.