San Ignacio celebrates 75 years upholding Mediterranean cuisine

San Ignacio celebrates 75 years upholding Mediterranean cuisine
2019 saw San Ignacio celebrating its 75th anniversary, a brand that not only offers quality kitchenware, while providing a balanced lifestyle alongside and in favour of the Mediterranean diet.
The origins of San Ignacio date back to 1944 with the founding of a company called 'Esmaltaciones San Ignacio' in the northern town of Oñate. Over the course of these 75 years, innovation, quality and environmental awareness have been notable values for San Ignacio, ensuring their products were of the highest quality.
For a number of years now San Ignacio has been a part of the BERGNER family, a leading light in household products. In this new era, San Ignacio retains its identity, but has added in Mediterranean cuisine as its banner, providing excellent functionality and a guarantee in a demanding market.
Similarly, its refreshingly updated style are a match for the professionalism of Pepe Rodríguez, juror on MasterChef and chef at “El Bohío” (1 Michelin star), and Samantha Vallejo-Nágera, juror on MasterChef. They both endorse and recommend the brand, which has become one of the leading names within the Spanish market.
In addition, the brand conveys positive values, such as those of family, friendship, our roots and the importance of sharing experiences. San Ignacio has imbued itself with innovation, offering ideas for any and all culinary style.