The leading San Ignacio collections recommended by Pepe and Samantha

The leading San Ignacio collections recommended by Pepe and Samantha
below is a run-down of a few of them:
'Origen' is quality, design, technology and, above all, a return to the roots, to a life that is lived more slowly and healthily. Moreover, it has been created to look after and be present through the generations, coming with a 10-year warranty.
'Origen' is back to basics, an invitation to hit pause in our daily lives. The San Ignacio experience means immersing yourself in a healthy, balanced lifestyle with happiness at the core.
The collection includes technical advances that enable you to cook using less oil while optimising energy consumption. The collection also uses materials such as forged aluminium, cast aluminium and carbon steel. Sensations are combined, giving rise to results such as a warm copper finish in harmony with elegant black, to offer surprising products that are most enticing.
The liveliest collection from San Ignacio is synonymous with quality, design, technology and good times. San Ignacio has taken inspiration from the best things in life to design a collection whose warm and welcoming visual aspect says 'share me'. It is also an invitation to a balanced diet, as Vita is all about three materials that adapt to the culinary technique you wish to employ. The frying pans, wok and paella pans are all in forged aluminium; the roasting dish and stone grill are in cast iron; and the pots and pans are in stainless steel. Lastly, the ultra-turbo induction ensures the frying pans heat up uniformly and faster than any others on the market.
'Green' is the most ecological collection from San Ignacio and is comprised of frying pans, lunch boxes and cooking utensils. It comes in a simple design and is made from sustainable materials, e.g. 100% recyclable aluminium, that enable CO2 emissions to be minimised. Thus, for instance, the lunch boxes are recyclable and sustainable because they are produced from rice husks. The handles of the knives, pepper cutter and cutting board are made using natural wood, a biodegradable material that is organic, thus reducing pollution.
'Teide' is here to stay. This is the most hard-wearing collection available from San Ignacio. The robust design, featuring an elegant combination of anthracite grey and olive green, is built to resist the passing of time. 'Teide' pots and pans are in cast aluminium, making them durable and resistant to dents. The durability of this material ensures 'Teide' is long-lasting. It is complemented by three layers of Quantanium (with titanium particles) that is scratch-resistant. The collection consists of a set of four frying pans, three pots and a pack of frou knives.
Cooking using a San Ignacio pressure cooker is the fastest and easiest way to prepare healthy, nutritious meals. The brand can adapt to all walks of life and comes in am expansive range of cookers that are of the highest quality and safety. If you are looking for a more sophisticated design, then your perfect cooker is here in the Pro line (LifeCook, CookChef, CookPro, CookTech & Capri Mate). Meanwhile, if you are searching for a more traditional design, then you will find it among the Córdoba, Duero, Rioja and Ronda ranges. But all of them have features in common: they are safe pressure cookers that can be used on any kind of cooking surface; made from top quality 18/10 stainless steel; come with a reader inside and have an encapsulated base for better heat distribution. In addition, they all come with a 5-year warranty. LAVA Finished in a flaming orange, the 'Lava' collection is your best friend in the kitchen. To cook healthily, you need the right ingredients, not to mention the perfect tools. This is great for any type of culinary proposition thanks to its 360º induction base that minimises cooking times. There is no healthier option! The non-stick properties and great heat distribution ensure serious savings in both oil and energy from ‘Lava’. Furthermore, the premium forged aluminium is the latest word in durability and optimum heat distribution. A collection that will light up your life. Made from Premium Forged Aluminium to ensure resistance, durability, and the best possible heat distribution. Comes equipped with ergonomic handles and an induction base that can be used with all heat sources.
'Toledo' is inheritance and legacy, all the while being the most comprehensive collection from San Ignacio. The power of red lies alongside the elegance of black to create an eye-catching aesthetic. Covering all requirements, 'Toledo' comprises items that are both light and cosy. From durable and shape-retaining frying pans in forged aluminium to Thermos flasks of various sizes in borosilicate, not to mention crockery, kitchen knives and other utensils that are a must-have for any kitchen.
Inspired by the cheery colours of autumn. Manufactured in forged aluminium, the best material to prevent corrosion and a good heat distributor. The non-stick coating comprises three layers of marble located within a glowing copper body. Comes equipped with cold effect silicon handles and an induction base that can be used with all heat sources.