New San Ignacio website coming soon

New San Ignacio website coming soon
San Ignacio, the leading name in kitchenware with unmatched prestige in Spain, is launching a new brand image and website.
75 years of tradition and innovation have been given a comprehensive digital overhaul to consolidate its position on the Internet and in Social Media. The refreshingly updated spirit of San Ignacio is a revolution for a brand that has made the Mediterranean culture its territory, encouraging one and all to share in and enjoy our gastronomy.
The brand's philosophy of a healthy lifestyle and Mediterranean culture for traditionalists and millennials is moving onto the brand new website. These consumers are attracted to a refreshing quality concept that has been totally renewed, while reflecting the values of the brand.
Based around Mediterranean culture and the new 'I Love Cooking' slogan, San Ignacio is reaching for the stars, aiming to position itself both in Europe and worldwide.
The website is a declaration of intent. A tale of life, happiness and a glass raised to your good health. Mediterranean culture is the San Ignacio way and is here to offer us all its goodness, sharing with one and all recipes, gastronomic items and anecdotes about our customs. In short, everything to inspire us to plunge into the Mediterranean and experience all San Ignacio has to offer.