The Art & Design Foundation has joined the Diversity Charter

The Art & Design Foundation has joined the Diversity Charter

Art&Design Foundation is committed to equality and the right to equal opportunities for each and every worker.
The Diversity Charter is an initiative through which the European Commission tries to encourage companies and institutions in Europe to join the cause of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

The Charter was launched at the initiative of the European Institute for Diversity Management The Diversity Foundatios with the support of the Spanish Ministry for the Equal Opportunities. More than 1.000 companies, both in the public and private sector, have already signed the diversity charter in Spain, and more than 12.000 in tge EU, with the aim of promoting inclusion in a way that flavours affective integration, inclusive work environments, social progress and economic competitveness.

Thanks to this adhesion, Art & Design commits to comply with and include in its activities the 10 principles that make up the Diversity Charter, which advocate promoting inclusion in a way that favours affective integration, encourages the reconciliation between work and family life, among other issues in order to promote inclusive work environments, boost social progress and enhance economic competitiveness.