Adhesion. EJE & CON CODE

Adhesion. EJE & CON CODE
At Bergner Europe we reinforce our commitment to leadership without gender bias adhering to the EJE&CON Asociación Española de Ejecutiv@s y Consejer@s.

The EJE & CON code is based on two main objectives: on the one hand, it seeks to improve the competitiveness of business by promoting talent without gender biases; on the other hand, and in line with first objective, the code aims to facilitate the access of women to senior management positions, Management Committees and Boards of Directors.

Since its inception in 2015, this code already compiles over 100 companies from all business areas, which were also joined last November by Bergner Europe, which incorporates this milestone into the rest of the steps that the company is taking tackling within the framework of promoting diversity in all its aspects.