BERGNER consolidating its position as a leading Spanish company for cooking products and utensils

BERGNER consolidating its position as a leading Spanish company for cooking products and utensils
Why did BERGNER and the BSD Group out of Hong Kong decide to make such a splash in Spain?
Nowadays, Bergner has renowned distribution subsidiaries, manufacturing plants and joint ventures in various regions and channels all based around the household sector. Our strategy in Europe is all about our closeness to our clients. Following the acquisition of a company based in Spain (Protenrop) in 2013 saw the company grow very quickly within our cooking products service model. Furthermore, we successfully pushed the business into complementary categories, including bathroom organisation, laundry care, clotheslines and ironing.
This acquisition soon positioned us in interesting new channels, such as the DIY, gardening and electronics department stores, providing us with new contracts in other countries. These included Portugal, France, Morocco and Romania. Our business model is highly flexibleand can comfortably adapt to the requirements of any client as we havea consolidation platform in Shenzhen, a large warehouse in Hamburg and our Iberian Peninsula warehouses in Zaragoza.
Will Bergner's strategy remain focused on growth?
GFK data for the 2014 tax year reveals our exponential growth in terms of market share. The reason behind this growth rests with a very interesting industrial and financial partner that can foment the business and the capacity to take on major projects. The production side in Asia and the support of a very solid financial group combine to help us focus on a stable growth plan. We wish to keep growing both the retail business and across alternative channels, e.g. hospitality, Internet, TV, loyalty and promotions, and so on. At a regional level, there is still much to do in countries where we have just begun to grow our business, such as Italy, Panama, Columbia and Chile. Having a highly professional young team of motivated employees helps greatly when pursuing an aggressive growth policy.
Is Bergner looking for future acquisitions or mergers?
BSD encompasses various companies already that have a combined turnover of over $300 million(US). The group is notably dynamic and always open to new businesses, channels and product categories. Our business is much like a spider web, and so it has been defined in terms of our strategy. We continue to consider new investments and study synergies with other groups and companies.
We are interested in opportunities in terms of channels and specific niches; for instance, direct marketing to the hospitality business. Here at Bergner Iberia we have been responsible for opening offices in Milan, Panama and Miami. Each of these areas, of course, may provide us with possible new strategic partners.